Chakra Meditation – Mastering The 7 Chakras Of The Body

Chakra meditation is a powerful form of spiritual enlightenment which focuses on the 7 specific energy points in the body. Each energy point relates to certain aspects of our lives which can be enhanced and improved through meditation.

Whether you realize it or not, your Chakras are at work within your body constantly. They influence your mental as well as your physical state. By paying special attention to these areas, you can influence them to improve certain aspects of your life. Let us take a look at each of the 7 Chakras in detail and which areas of your body and life they can influence:

The Root Chakra

This is the first Chakra, located at the very base of the spine. It symbolizes the energy of the earth flowing into the body and is the correlation between our physical presence and the material world. The colour synonymous with the Root Chakra is red and it is associated with health, protection and well-being. Meditating on this Chakra or the colour red will enhance these areas in your life.

The Naval Chakra

This Chakra is located just above the Root Chakra, in the lower part of the abdomen. It signifies energies associated with sexuality, happiness, love, compassion, sympathy and understanding. Its corresponding colour is orange. Feelings associated with giving and receiving are tied to this Chakra. Meditating on this Chakra or the colour orange will allow you to control emotions.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Located above the Naval Chakra just below the chest, this point focuses on willpower and self-transformation. The power of the subconscious mind, discipline of the ego and ability to control one’s self all emanate from this Chakra, which is associated with the colour yellow. Meditate on this one to control your external circumstances as well as your self esteem.

The Heart Chakra

Associated with the colour green, it signifies energy associated with kind nature, forgiveness and unconditional love which extends beyond the physical realm. This Chakra is located in the middle of the chest and centres around perseverance, harmony and patience. Meditating on this Chakra will allow you to heal pain through the power of love.

The Throat Chakra

Located just below the chin in the throat. It symbolizes the power of all forms of communication and how qualities like truth, nobility, character and wisdom can be conveyed with the correct purpose and respect. It is associated with the colour sky blue and also revolves around extra sensory communication. Meditating on this Chakra will allow you to express yourself truthfully at all times.

The Brow Chakra

Symbolizes intuition, insight, instinct and how the mind perceives the soul. Concentrating on this Chakra will give you peace of mind and stimulate your imagination. The colour synonymous with this Chakra is indigo and relates to spiritual guidance and direction. Meditating on it will allow you to access the path to your inner wisdom.

The Crown Chakra

The northern most Chakra in the body, located at the top of the head. It signifies the relationship between the conscious mind and its surroundings. The highest powers of the mind and spirit can be reached by meditating on this Chakra. Its associated colour is violet and it also serves to encompass the entire body within the realms of spirituality.

Empowering Yourself With Chakra Meditation

By concentrating on each of these Chakras in turn, great strides can be made towards empowering yourself with the ability to control the physical and non-physical elements of the body. All of the Chakras absorb and emanate energy. Meditation is the process by which this transference of energy takes place.

When all 7 Chakras have been energized, the body and the mind become one. This is when they can be most influenced to enhance or improve your life, by thinking and meditating on positive outcomes.

Master your inner self through understanding your Chakras, concentrating on each one. Starting with the Root, work your way upwards. Using this form of meditation regularly will help you understand yourself and give your life purpose.

How To Perform A Chakra Meditation

The first few times you practice a chakra meditation, make sure that you have an expert to guide you. Ideally face to face, but at least with a guided CD. You need to make sure that your chakras are left more in balance at the end of the meditation than they were when you started!

Start your meditation by sitting down, cross legged in a quiet, dimly lit room. Make sure that your spine is straight but not stiff. Close your eyes then take a deep breath and start to relax. Now go through each chakra in turn, starting with the root chakra:

  • Imagine that you are drawing energy up from the earth, through the root chakra and that this is building up in the base of your spine.
  • Then the navel chakra: feel the concentration of energy building up around your navel and visualize a flow of warm lava out of this chakra center.
  • Moving on to the solar plexus chakra, let your stomach muscles relax deeply and sense the movement of the energy through your diaphragm.
  • Next is the heart chakra. Imagine your heart getting stronger with every breath. See and feel a bright light radiating out from this area.
  • Progressing on to the throat chakra, breath in with force. Then gradually relax your tongue, shoulders and neck.
  • For the brow chakra, keeping your eyes closed, focus on your “third eye” (the point between your eyebrows). Endeavor to see this area even though your eyes are close and observe what you are seeing.
  • Finally, it’s the crown chakra. Visualize a beautiful lotus with a thousand petals blossoming from the tip of your head. As you visualize, see the color change from a deep violet through to a brilliant white light.

Done correctly, the chakra meditation can bring you into union with your God. It is a very powerful form of meditation and helps you to stabilize your body, bringing an inner peace and harmony to you.


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