Decorating Your Meditation Room

Meditation is one of the great skills everybody should learn as it helps you in developing a more effective mind and to help keep you at a state of calm. If you are serious about meditation having a room dedicated to the practice does one of two things.

  1. The room will after periods of time bring about a sense of calm as soon as you walk into the room because of the association between the room and peace.
  2. The meditation room will also encourage you and remind you to stick with the practice. All too often people start out on the meditation journey only to abandon the practice a few months in because they are feeling great.

When you are setting up a meditation room there are seven things you need to consider to make your room special and your meditations more powerful.

1. Cushions

For most people the optimum place to sit and meditate is on the floor. However since most houses have incredibly hard floors it is always a good idea to have a number of meditation cushions on the floor. Meditation cushions are not anything special they should simply be cushions with enough padding to soften the impact of sitting on the floor for any period of time.

It is always worthwhile having a number of cushions in your room so that if you consider having a group meditation session in your meditation room that you all have at least one cushion each. There is nothing worse than fifteen minutes into a meditation session only to find your bottom has gone to sleep and you feel extremely uncomfortable.

2. Incense And/Or Aromatherapy

Incense is a great device to help you relax during a meditation session. You can purchase incense from any quality Asian or Middle Eastern supermarket. Make sure that before you buy a box of any incense that you try out one stick first. Ask the supermarket attendant if you can because in most Asian or Middle Eastern supermarkets they will have samples for you to try.

I have found that lavender is a great incense to use when first starting out, but everybody will have their own preferences.

3. A Small Prayer Table

I am a great believer in setting your room up similar to those from countries like Japan, Thailand or India. A prayer table allows you to place your incense and other important artefacts for your meditation on the prayer table. Some people use the prayer table to have images of God or Buddha to help in their meditation.

If you are not a religious person I simply recommend putting a photo of your family on your prayer table with small incense holders on both the left and right hand side of the prayer table. The reason I recommend this is that the photos will remind you why you are meditating. Meditation is all about helping you to improve your state of mind.

4. A Music Player

A music player is a great tool to have in your meditation room. Using mediation music like Baroque Meditation music will help you be more effective with your meditation. Many people find when they are starting out with meditation that it is hard to get to that state of calm without using meditation music as the music can influence your feelings.

You will find though as you become more experienced in meditation that you will be able to meditate without music but meditation music is essential when you are first starting out.

5. Seven Candles

Most people in their houses today have harsh lighting in their rooms like incandescent or fluro lights. Often these lights can be very difficult to meditate under even with your eyes closed. My recommendation has always been to meditate under the glow of seven candles. The candles should be located on your prayer table at varying heights.

You will find that the soft glow of an open flame will on its own bring about a sense of calm and make your meditation session a lot more special. I recommend seven candles simply because the number seven is auspicious in my society and religion. Seven being a perfect number helps ensure during my meditation sessions that my session will in fact be perfect.

One safety point I would like to make, please ensure that you put your candles onto trays so that they will not burn your prayer table or start a fire. Candles in a house can be very dangerous so make sure that after your meditation session is over that you blow them out.

6. Peaceful Pictures and Photos

I have already stated it is important to have on your prayer table a picture of your family to remind you why you are meditating. I also recommend having other peaceful pictures in your room to ensure that when you enter your meditation room that you have a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The types of pictures that are suitable are those of nature or animals like scenes from a rainforest, a flowing brook or even pictures of a calm ocean.

7. A Vase of Flowers

The last item I recommend that you have in your meditation room is a vase of fresh flowers. There is nothing more relaxing and calming than to smell the perfume of freshly cut flowers. Often you will find that the smell of both the incense and freshly cut flowers will give off a unique fragrance that will help entice your mind into a sense of calm.

If you cannot afford to buy your flowers, why not grow them in your garden. You will be surprised just how easy it is to put some seeds into a pot and grow a bunch of flowers. Note that you do need to water those flowers.

Meditation is an important skill you need to master and having a special meditation room will help remind you and encourage you to practice this art. Just like sport, many people start off with the best of intentions but give up. Having a meditation room will certainly help you stay on track.

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