Should You Listen to Meditation Music When You Meditate?

There are the schools of meditation that say you should not meditate to music, that you should only meditate in silence.


But what if there was music that actually deepened your meditation? That simply by listening to the music, you were able to experience far deeper states of meditation than you would without listening to the music.

So first we have to consider what makes good meditation music.

What Is Good Meditation Music

Any meditation music where there is a drum beat should be thrown out. Because any drum beats or rhythms will keep your heart rate high and this keeps you from moving into the very deep states of relaxation where true meditation takes place.

Another thing to consider is the meditation state of the musician making the music. If the musician has attained a high state of meditation, then their meditative state will be recorded in the music that you hear.

Use Binaural Beats To Take you To Deeper Levels Of Meditation

There are many “brain entrainment” audio programs on the market. These are CDs with what are called “binaural beats.” Binaural beats are two separate electronically produced sine waves, one played in the left channel and one played in the right channel.

These two sine wave drones are slightly different in frequency. The brain will notice this difference and slowly adjust your frequency to the difference.

The idea behind binaural beats is that they manipulate your brainwaves into slowing down, thus creating a “meditative state.”


Always use headphones when you use binaural beats


It is widely accepted that meditation can result in reduced stress, greater health and a sense of calmness and balance. Studies show that in states of meditation we produce a greater quantity of slow frequency theta brainwaves. And now that technology we talked about earlier is helping out.

More and more people are turning to relaxing music, meditation and binaural beats. And you can even use guided meditation. These are available in several formats such as yoga meditations or meditation music, these will lead you into a calm, stress-free world, using peaceful music and serene voices.

All the meditation and relaxation programs take only a few minutes out of your day, but what a difference in how you feel using them. They are so easy to use that most people develop the habit of setting aside just a few minutes in their day for themselves.

That, of course, quickly becomes a habit, and is one of the reasons why most who start using them become life long practitioners of meditation. Things that used to cause minor trauma now seem tiny and easily dealt with. No wonder users swear by them-they make all the other parts of the day smoother and less stressful, and yes, enjoyable.


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